Yoga is union and I try to blend as many modalities of yoga and teaching which I hope is a different experience every time you come to class. I aspire to make our yoga experience vibrant, honest, spontaneous – and fun! My classes range in structure, but are consistently deep and intense.  I love when we find muscles in the body that we never knew existed.  I once heard someone say, “change can happen in one breath” – yoga is the opportunity for that transformational breath. I love music in class because it adds a wonderful layer to our environment and state of mind. I play everything from world beats to rock.

My interest in Yoga began after the events of 9/11, which left me quite unsettled. I realized I needed a path to develop my internal strengths and spiritual being.  I immediately began intensive studying at Shoshoni Ashram in Boulder, Co. It was at this ashram where I earned my first 200 hours of certification.

After leaving Colorado, and returning to Danville, I began to teach. I have continued to learn and grow, as well as continue on with additional teacher trainings.  Earning another 200 hour teaching certificate with Clayton Horton/ Greenpath Yoga, 30 hours with Shiva Rea, and most recently, 100 hours with Rusty Wells. I have also studied with Ana Forrest, Tony Briggs and Mary Lynn Fitton.

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“Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work,
which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.”
Mary Oliver

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5 responses to “Bio

  1. Lisa Stanford

    O.K. Kelli! Very cool website! Had a great day in class today. I will be looking into the book you shared. We all need to develop our creativity inside and out! See you soon, Lisa S.
    The happiest people don’t have it all, they are just happy with what they have:)

  2. I became aware of Yogis ( & Yoga) during my college days (Beatles era) in a cosmic sense (self awareness. reincarnation, nirvana etc). Never did any physical Yoga exercise until I joined Crunch in Blackhawk. Fortunately and/or as fate would allow-my 1st class was with you. I was to quit 3/4 past that session and you approached and commanded me to: ” stay there and just do what you’re not going to die.. 😀 (you read my feelings).” I did stay as your voice has the power of a master… well-that is how I started and Yoga is now a part of my routine-well being essence. Kelli thanks for being caring and generosity in sharing your divine Yogic gift to us all. You are a Light That Lights The World. Namaste.

  3. Have a great holiday!
    I’m glad and happy for you this weekend.

  4. Kelli ~ Thank you for a fabulous, great, inspiring, fun, relaxing and inspirational weekend!! The retreat at Mayacamas Ranch was WONDERFUL. Can’t wait till Bali ~ I am blessed to have both you and Suzanna guide me thorough my practice. Namaste! : ) denise

    • I really wanted you to have fun-I want you to know something, so I’m glad you wrote. I am a reluctant retreat yogi because I really want to make sure we are truly in offering. That we are doing enough for your letter of thanks and satisfaction is exactly what I needed to try another one. Thank you

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